Arch Greenhouses is a division of Arch Enterprises, an organization providing support services for adults with developmental disabilities. To learn more about Arch Enterprises, click here.  Arch Greenhouses began as a therapy program and over the years has evolved into the business it is now with 35,000 square feet of retail space conveniently located in the south Edmonton business district.

Arch Greenhouses 2011
John, the greenhouse manager for more than 20 years, is always very interested in new and different plants to test in our area.  Customers at Arch Greenhouses know they can find something new and exciting growing in our houses each spring.

'Incidentally, we are very proud that John was recognized by his peers as "Grower of the Year" in 2012.'

The greenhouse started as a small setup tucked in behind the main Arch Enterprises building just off Argyll Road and 97 Street.  Business was primarily spring bedding plants marketed through satellite locations, but later expanded to offseason wholesale growing of tropicals for local businesses.  In time, our focus changed to include spring wholesale growing for other greenhouses.  As satellite outlets were closed, retail sales in our main range became a bigger part of our business.  By the time we moved to our current location in 1999, our retail sales had increased so much that the wholesale end of the business had to be reduced.  Today, the plants grown at Arch Greenhouses are solely for our customers.

We are committed to producing the plants you love in an environmentally conscious way.  One way we accomplish this is by using predatory insects such as ladybugs, midges, mites and wasps as part of our pest management program.  Most of the predators are very small which makes them unnoticeable to the casual observer.  We hope that you appreciate their hard work in minimizing pest problems as much as we do.