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Maren Poinsettia (6in pot)



Maren is a gorgeous salmon poinsettia.

Celebrate the season with a locally grown Poinsettia! Get creative with your poinsettia by adding a bow, glitter and Ting-ting!

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Tips for Success:

  1. Take your poinsettia home in a warm vehicle.  Poinsettias do not like to be cold.
  2. Poinsettia stems and branches are very easily broken from any pressure put on them, therefore, support the paper sleeve from the base, taking care not to crush the sides of the sleeve in any way.  Unwrap your poinsettia as soon as possible.
  3. When unwrapping the poinsettia, carefully rip or cut the sleeve from the bottom up.  DO NOT TRY TO SAVE THE SLEEVE.  
  4. Keep your poinsettia in a spot where it will receive at least six hours of bright, but not direct, sunlight.  Do not put your poinsettia in any kind of a draft (near windows, doors or heating vents) as they cannot tolerate drafts and may drop their leaves.  Suddenly moving them to lower light can also cause leaves to drop.  Put your poinsettia in a location where it will not be touched or brushed against as branches are easily damaged.
  5. If poinsettias are either too wet or too dry, they will lose their leaves.  Whenever the soil is dry to the touch, water until water runs out of the drainage holes.  Be sure to throw out any water that collects in the saucer to avoid drowning the roots and causing the leaves to drop.