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For the Love of Life

Come in Today for the Best of the Season

Arch Greenhouses has over 250 varieties of plants, many unique to our one-of-a-kind-in-Alberta growing venture


We are committed to producing the plants you love in an environmentally-sustainable way. We use predatory insects such as midges, mites, wasps – and the occasional spider – as part of our program to reduce pesticide usage.


Our greenhouse is owned and operated by Arch Enterprises, a non-profit organization that provides innovative program services and employment opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities.

unmatched value

We occupy a unique space in the Edmonton gardening community. Large enough to offer a wide variety of seasonal and perennial plants, small enough that we take the time to provide our customers with personal attention and guidance.

Wild Tea Making Workshop

Ever wondered what the difference is between black, green and herbal teas? What is that SCOBY in Kombucha? Can you pick things to make your own teas at home?

Learn the differences between some of the common teas, the principles of making Kombucha, how to harvest, dry and store various plants for both social and medicinal teas and learn some of the properties of different blends. Have a cup while discussing and looking at some native plants that make wonderful teas in Arch Greenhouse’s lovely indoor setting.

Top off your afternoon with a tea making session including loose-leaf native plant teas and bring some of your teabag creations home along with a SCOBY starter to make your very own Kombucha!

Additional loose-leaf teas, potted plants, seeds and more available to peruse and purchase as well.

Instructor: Dawn Watts
Dawn has over 20 years of experience growing and harvesting plants on the prairies, in the foothills and in the aspen woodland and boreal forest of Alberta. She specializes in wild edibles and medicinals.

Cost: $30 per person (includes tea making supplies)

● January 25: 1-3pm
● February 29: 1-3pm
● March 14: 1-3pm

Call Arch Greenhouses to sign up at (780) 438-4349




Organic fertilizers made in Manitoba. 84% digested organic matter. Easy water mix with no salts build-up.

Combo Pots

Dazzling, gardener-picked combinations. Bright, colourful and easy to care for all season long.


Sun Exposure

Each yard, patio or balcony has different factors for the amount of light it gets. What to consider when planning your gardening.

Bugs on Plants

Is it a pest? Or does it devour pests? We’re happy to provide guidance and tell you if a pesticide is required.

Some of the Fine Products We Carry