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Four Varieties of Brewers’ Hops

We carry the mighty Humulus lupulus, friend of craft and home brewers alike. AlphaAroma – high yields, dual-purpose; Cascade – low bittering, great for trellis; Centennial – depth of bitterness, forward aroma; Chinook – high in alpha acid, smoky.


95 Combo Pot Varieties

Demonstrating great value and ease of care for beginners, our many combo pots throw the colour around. Each pot is a vibrant mix of flower varieties that will last through the whole season. We carry Confetti Garden®, Kwik™, MixMasters™ and Trixi.®


Fall Mums

A splash of colour – white, pink, red, yellow, bronze and yellow/orange – as summer gardens are finishing


Red, pink, white and novelty colours, they’re the great winter tradition Info/Preorder


Truly Tiny Bananas

The smallest edible-fruit banana, it’s a great foliage plant for containers


You’ll love our uniquely-arranged baskets, great in sun or shade (sorry, no custom orders)



Have fresh herbs all season with an easy to setup and care for herb garden. We stock multiple varieties of basil, bay leaf, catnip, chives, cilantro, cumin, curry, dill, fennel, lemongrass, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, rue, sage, sorrel, stevia, tarragon and thyme.


Dirt n’ Grow™ Evolve™ Organic Fertilizers

Manitoba-made with 84% digested organic matter, they’re a concentrated, easy water mix with no salts build-up in your pots

We also carry a full line of soils, pots and gardening hardware – everything you need to have a great growing season

All products are subject to availability over time