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Arch Greenhouses began in 1979 as a therapy program for adults with developmental disabilities, and over the years it has evolved into a thriving business with 35,000 ft2 of greenhouses and retail space conveniently located in the south Edmonton business district.

Originally, our business was primarily Spring bedding plants marketed through satellite locations, but later expanded to off-season wholesale growing of tropicals for local businesses.

Over time, our focus changed to include Spring wholesale growing for other greenhouses. As satellite outlets were closed, retail sales in our main range became a bigger part of our business.

When we moved to our current location in 1999, our retail sales had increased to the point that wholesale had to be reduced. Today, the plants grown at Arch Greenhouses are solely for our customers, who know they can find something new and exciting in our houses each Spring.

In addition to being socially responsible with our staffing, we are committed to producing the plants you love in an environmentally-sustainable way. Part of our solution is partnering with small predatory insects such as ladybugs, midges, mites, wasps and the occasional spider to cull pests. This natural ecosystem allows us to reduce chemical pesticide usage.

The Story of She – Our Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia reginæ is one of five species of evergreen tropical herbaceous plant native to South Africa, where it is known as a crane flower and is featured on their 50¢ piece. It is a relative of bananas (Musaceæ). When properly cared for, they produce their distinctive orange flowers which mimic the bird it’s named for.

The plant’s genus Strelitzia honours Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen consort and wife of King George III. Queen Charlotte (1744–1818) was a patron of the arts and an amateur botanist. She helped to expand the world-famous Kew Gardens.

Arch Greenhouses’ Bird of Paradise – She – was planted in an oak barrel at our original location 40 years ago. And She was set in her current spot when we moved into our present location.

Every fall, our staff and customers look forward to her show as She goes into bloom. Our unofficial mascot, She observes greenhouse activities year round.

Arch Greenhouses is a division of Arch Enterprises, an organization providing support services for adults with developmental disabilities.